Global School, in addition to teaching Polish and other comprehensive services, can offer you a service that will help solve both your business and personal matters:

Sworn translation service for the Polish language in Poland;

Standard translation to/from Polish / Russian / Ukrainian language;

Certificate service without sworn / notarial certification;

Business support at meetings with a translator in Poland and abroad;

Written translations to/from Polish, English, Ukrainian, or Russian languages;

Translation of documentation and contracts to/from Polish, English, Ukrainian, or Russian languages;

Translation and creation of website content, online stores in Polish, English, and other languages;

Translations to/from Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian languages.

Please note the written translation service to/from Polish, English, Ukrainian, or Russian languages. Within this service, we strive to provide the most competent text, which implies a competent translation considering the rules, style, and characteristics of the language, rather than just a literal translation. In addition, the team includes a proofreader-editor - a native speaker for each of the languages - which guarantees the highest quality.

To determine the cost of services provided by our Center, please send a detailed request to info@globalschool.com.pl

Required data for the request:

Full name / company name


Volume of services

Contact information

After considering your request, we will prepare a proposal and contact you using the provided contact information.

You can clarify preliminary information by phone:

Viber: +48 660 330 600

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