Mock Exam B1 - B2 - C1

Are you preparing for a language exam for a Resident Card or citizenship? Feeling nervous? Lack confidence and want to prepare 100%?

Then you definitely need to take our trial exam 14 days before the real exam!

6 hours of practice.
Upcoming trials: 08.06.2024, 09.11.2024
B1 - B2 - C1, exam conducted by a state commission examiner
250 PLN
checking and detailed analysis of your exam on the same day

Mock Exam

A full run-through of the state exam 14 days before the real one, in comfortable conditions
Listening, reading, grammar, writing, and oral exam of the state standard. Our trial exams have no analogs
6 hours of practice in a small group with an examiner who will answer all your questions
Your work is checked, and you receive a detailed analysis of your performance immediately after the exam

The trial exam originated in our school when, in 2017, the first students from Belarus and Ukraine began taking Polish language exams for permanent residency. At that time, we simply set aside a separate day and printed exams from the official website of the state commission. We liked the idea, but the trial exam began to differ significantly from what our students wrote four times a year. So we decided to independently compose such exams, based on the latest standards of the state test, thereby improving the quality of this bonus for our clients.

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Why Us?

Advantages that will help you achieve your goals:

1) Official certification
Global School is an official training institution with confirmed status since 2018, providing certificates upon course completion, helping students confirm their level of knowledge and increase their competitiveness in the job market. A licensed center for passing the international TELC B1-B2 exam

2) Innovative teaching methods
Textbooks and course programs are selected and developed considering the needs of our students and are included in the cost of education without limitations

3) Team of lecturers
Global School has a team of professional multilingual teachers, allowing students to communicate in various languages and better understand the peculiarities of the Polish language. Hundreds of our students have successfully adapted to life in Poland thanks to our courses, obtained the Residence Card, Karta Polaka, Karta Pobytu or citizenship

4) Convenience of learning
Learning Polish with Global School is interesting and easy! We work with platforms where you can practice and immediately check yourself, as well as study words in the form of convenient flashcards

5) Additional activities
Discussions on current topics or thematic events organized by the school are an opportunity to develop communication skills, meet interesting people, and get closer to the culture of a new country for you

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