Multilingual language speakers, mutual understanding, support and consultations, and seamless teamwork!


Innovation and creativity, learning convenience, multilingual language speakers, discipline, and ease


To make Polish understandable and beloved for you!


Quality and professionalism, your progress and success, diversity and engagement, flexibility and structure, cooperation and transparency


Learn Polish with joy!

Global School is a comfortable entry point for foreigners into Polish society through language and culture study in our school.

We are a modern Polish language learning school where everyone receives high-quality education, techniques, and methodologies for mastering the language, as well as cultural integration into Polish culture and society. All this is done in an interactive format, conducive to expanding your horizons and enriching your personal and professional experience.

Study in pairs, groups, or individually at your convenience with native speakers or teachers fluent in Russian.

Our goal is to inspire students to learn, broaden their horizons, and prepare them for successful adaptation in Polish society, where they can thrive and make a contribution. We provide all necessary conditions, including support in the legalization process, exam preparation, and interviews.

By studying with us, you will receive:

Innovative teaching methods
A wide range of language programs
Official certification
Convenient learning experience
Support and consultations
Cultural adaptation
Discipline and ease

Who will benefit from studying Polish at Global School?

For those who strive to learn Polish language effectively and comfortably for convenient living in Poland

For those who wish to obtain the Karta Pobytu / Karta Rezydenta or Karta Polaka

For those who want to master Polish and easily pass all exams (B1, B2, C1, TELC)

For those who want to achieve financial freedom and start their own business in the Polish market

For those who aim to develop their Polish language skills at B2 and C1 levels in discussion groups or classical courses

For those seeking employment with a qualified, committed, and creative teacher

For those who want to eliminate mistakes from self-learning and achieve results faster

For those who value their time and money and want to get the most out of their education

For those who care about a bright future for their children in the EU

For those who want to ensure a peaceful retirement in the EU


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