The teacher works with you based on a prepared program, relying on the results of your test before the start of the training. During the preparation, vocabulary and grammar are polished, and the teacher provides exam-type assignments. An additional bonus for our students is a trial exam in 2 cities: Krakow and Wroclaw, which is 1:1 similar to the real one. Students take an author's exam, created by certified examiners, and have a unique opportunity to test their skills and get rid of pre-exam stress.
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You can contact us on Instagram (global.school.polska), Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram [+48 660 330 600/ +48 660 330 550], by email info@globalschool.com.pl, or through the form: https://forms.gle/NsdeDSioSSV78C79A
Payment is made in advance. It is possible to pay for 8 lessons of 60 minutes or 8 lessons of 90 minutes. Payment is made to the school's account or in cash. We issue an invoice.
For each student and group, we select an individual training program based on methodological guides, for example: "Hurra po polsku". We provide educational materials to our students for free. The work is done on a convenient and interactive platform, which has several functions: automatic checking of tasks, word translation with one click, and flashcards for learning words.
Our school helps with registration for students who have reached the required level of preparation in our school.
The school operates from 08:00 to 20:30, so there is a time for classes for each student. If you study in a group or pair, then the time and number of classes are fixed with comfort for all participants. Typically, groups and pairs have classes twice a week for 60 minutes. The individual format of classes has an advantage: the schedule is tailored to the student, and the number of classes is determined based on your learning goal, abilities, learning pace, and personal preferences.
Before enrolling in school, our students can take a written test and receive a free online consultation with testing with our academic director. This allows you to accurately assess the student's knowledge and determine the areas that need to be worked on. After determining the level of knowledge, we select appropriate formats and teachers.
We offer three types of education: - Individually with a teacher - In pairs with a friend or family member or another student looking for a companion. - In a group (up to 5 people maximum) You can study: from scratch, learn Polish for yourself, prepare for the state exam, for the TELC exam, improve your knowledge (B2-C2).
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