(conversational practice in a small group without taboo topics)

Have you reached level B1/B2/C1 and don't want to lose the skills you've gained? Is it important for you to develop your speaking skills and stay informed about all the news in Poland?

Then the format of the discussion club with a lecturer at Global School J.W. is exactly for you!

4 meetings per month, each lasting 90 minutes
from B1 to C2 level
from 300 PLN per month
3-4 students per group
the cost of education depends on the number of students in the group

The discussion group is:

A unique environment where you can freely discuss various topics without taboos
Improvement of your conversational skills
Enrichment of your vocabulary and regular review of words through games every 4th lesson
A group of up to 4 students, carefully selected based on temperament and level of knowledge for your comfortable learning
Diverse and interesting discussions
Immersion in contemporary Polish culture and information space

With us, you will easily speak Polish on complex topics!

The discussion club includes:

4 meetings of 90 minutes each per month

Separate materials for reviewing learned words

A relaxed atmosphere

Interesting discussion topics without taboos

Help and support from the lecturer during classes

Chat for communication

How do discussion group sessions work?

Why us?

Advantages to help you achieve your goals:

1) Innovative teaching methods:
Our textbooks and course programs are selected and developed according to the needs of our students and are included in the cost of education without limitations

2) Team of lecturers:
We have a team of professional multilingual specialists in the history and culture of Poland, which helps students study complex information in various languages. Our courses have helped hundreds of students successfully adapt to life in Poland and obtain the Karta Polaka, Residence Card or citizenship

3) Convenience of learning:
Learning Polish with Global School is interesting and easy! We work with platforms where you can practice, test yourself, and learn words in the form of convenient flashcards

4) Additional activities:
Discussions on current topics or thematic events from the school are an opportunity to develop communication skills, meet interesting people, and get closer to the culture of the new country for you

5) Official certification:
Global School is an official training institution with confirmed status since 2018, providing certificates of course completion, which helps students confirm their level of knowledge and increase their competitiveness in the job market

6) Diversity:
You can choose the option that suits you best:
Group lessons with up to 5 students
Pair lessons
Individual lessons

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