at our school!

Dreaming of moving to Europe? Don't have Polish roots but have a strong desire to improve your quality of life?

Then the format of an annual Polish language course with visa support at Global School J.W. is just for you!

400 academic hours over 365 days
from A0 to B2 levels
from 900 euros
pair, group, or individual sessions
the cost of education depends on the number of lessons per month and the format

The annual course includes:

400 academic hours of Polish language over 365 days
Study in a group, pair, or individually
Assistance with visa application and support for relocation to Poland
Your key to a full and enjoyable life in Poland
Diverse and effective lessons on an interactive platform
Immersion in the language through communicative methodology

Each course with visa support includes:

Free consultation to select the format, intensity of learning, and teacher

Access to all materials and convenient platforms facilitating language learning

Upon completion of each level, you will undergo testing and upon successful completion, receive a certificate from our institution

Bonus: access to speaking club twice a month

Choose our ANNUAL POLISH LANGUAGE COURSE WITH VISA SUPPORT and start your journey to a happy European future with us! We guarantee a comfortable approach and effective learning.

How do the lessons go?

Why choose us?

Here are the advantages that will help you achieve your goals:

1) Innovative teaching methods:
Our textbooks and course programs are carefully selected and developed to meet the needs of our students, all included in the tuition without limitations

2) Experience and reputation:
For 7 years, we have been assisting our students in relocating to Poland through language learning. We provide support and guidance to our students because your comfort during the relocation process is our priority

3) Official certification:
Global School is an official training institution with confirmed status since 2018. We provide certificates upon course completion, helping students validate their language proficiency and enhance their competitiveness in the job market

4) Team of lecturers:
We have a team of professional multilingual specialists in the history and culture of Poland, which helps students study complex information in various languages. Our courses have helped hundreds of students successfully adapt to life in Poland and obtain the Karta Polaka, Residence Card or citizenship

5) Convenient learning:
Learning Polish with Global School is interesting and easy! We work with platforms where you can practice, test yourself instantly, and learn words using convenient flashcards

6) Additional activities:
Discussions on current topics or thematic events organized by the school are opportunities to develop communicative skills, meet interesting people, and immerse yourself in the culture of your new country

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