Preparation for obtaining the Karta Polaka
(Getting You Ready for Successfully Obtaining the Karta Polaka /Residence Card)

Do you have Polish roots? Do you want to obtain your dream documents but don't know where to start in preparing your application?

From 50 academic hours
From 360 PLN per month + 50 PLN = access to 2 conversation clubs per month
Individually / in pairs / in mini-groups
The cost of education depends on the number of lessons per month and the format of preparation

The Polish Card/Residence Course is:

From 50 academic hours with a teacher
Your assistant in obtaining your dream documents
Modular preparation system: textbooks, exercises, tests specifically designed for studying history and culture
A course covering the necessary aspects of history and culture, with a focus on interview simulations

How is the preparation going?

Why us?

Advantages that will help you achieve your goals!

1) Focus on the goal:
Our course provides only the necessary information, divided into modules, with final testing (written and oral) for each of them. Our team of methodologists has developed a special preparation program, including simulations of interviews and tests at the end of each module and training

2) Team of lecturers:
We have a team of professional multilingual specialists in the history and culture of Poland, which helps students study complex information in various languages. Our courses have helped hundreds of students successfully adapt to life in Poland and obtain the Karta Polaka, Residence Card or citizenship

3) Convenience of learning:
We offer interesting and easy learning using platforms where you can practice, test yourself, and learn words using convenient flashcards

4) Additional activities:
Our courses include discussions on current topics and thematic events, which helps develop communication skills and immerse yourself in the culture of a new country

5) Official certification:
We are an official educational institution with confirmed status since 2018, providing certificates of course completion, which helps confirm your level of knowledge and increase competitiveness in the job market

6) Diversity:
You can choose the format of learning that suits you, including group, individual, or paired sessions

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